EP 30: Our Memorable Family Ski Trip in North Idaho

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Fun skiing in Idaho

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Show Notes

We’re headed to the ski fields of Idaho in this podcast episode. At the beginning of Spring, we had our first family ski experience at three ski resorts in Northern Idaho: Schweitzer Mountain, Lookout Pass, and Silver Mountain .

It was one of our most memorable family vacations for the adventure, the beauty and the chance to bond together as a family. We share the joys, intensities, and lessons learned during these 5 days of skiing.

We discuss:

  • The different ski resorts and what made them unique and great
  • Why we loved skiing as a family
  • A few of our meltdown moments
  • How the scary times become memories you laugh at
  • How amazing kids are at picking up skiing
  • The benefits of Spring Skiing and why it suits our family
  • Why you don’t want to ski without lessons + our awesome ski instructions.
  • How easy it is to visit all three ski resorts on one trip
  • The intriguing small town of Wallace and the charming Sandpoint – close to the ski fields
  • The intensity of skiing and how to manage it
  • The challenges of getting off a ski lift Let us know your chair lift stories (Facebook message)
  • The amazing technical skills from the camera crew skiing alongside us for the commercial we were shooting
  • What the mark of a great travel adventure is
  • The new world of travel that skiing has opened up for us.

Video Podcast

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