YTP 01: Our Travel Story (Solo Travel & Working Holidays)


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Show Notes

In this episode we share our travel story from before we met and how we made travel a priority living our individual lives. We look at solo travel to Europe and Africa and the working holiday experience in London and Dublin.

We discuss the following:

  • Craig’s career as a professional rugby league player
  • How Craig’s football helped him travel to different countries
  • What inspired Caz to travel overseas full time (forever)
  • An unorthodox way Caz got the money to travel overseas AND why she knew it was safe
  • How Caz got her first job in London
  • An insight into Caz’s lifestyle in London (living with up to 25 people) and traveling Europe in campervan (Eurovan)
  • Why Caz decided to go to Dublin and how it inspired future travels
  • Caz’s favorite job in Temple Bar area of Dublin and the BEST TIP ever received.
  • Caz’s dip into Southeast Asia travels – Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Global Work and Travel in the UK

Want to live and work in London, the UK, or other places in the world?

I moved to London on a Working Holiday visa. It was the best decision I ever made and changed the course of my entire life. Because of that experience living London, I have made travel the focus of my life for 25 years – that’s living in 5 countries, traveling to over 50, creating thriving travel blog which has allowed me to continue to travel and live from anywhere for the past 12 years with my husband and two daughters!

As I shared in this post, I had to figure it out on my own – arriving to London with no money, no friends, and no job.

I’m so happy to share with you Global Work and Travel, a company that can help you do it with support!

Since 2013, Global Work and Travel have been helping travelers work and fund their travels through cultural exchange programs both paid and unpaid.

One of the elements of a successful working holiday is to find local, seasonal employment to use as a means to fund your travels around the country. This is not easy, but Global Work and Travel makes it so as they have spent years with hundreds of local businesses that do hire travellers.

They assist you though all parts of the process such as finding flights, recommending you for interviews, and giving you a supportive community when you arrive.

We are enthusiastic partners of theirs as we believe in what they do, avid lovers of working abroad, and know they can help you!

Read more in our full post on the Global Work and Travel opportunity. 

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A Few Old Travel Photos

Our travel story in Podcast

  1. Episode 1: Solo Travel and Working Abroad before we met
  2. Episode 2: Our 5 year honeymoon living and traveling the world
  3. Episode 3: The Dark times and Birth of the girls and travel blog
  4. Episode 4: Embracing Family Travel and our 18 month Australian road trip
  5. Episode 5: Getting a green card and traveling the US (our dream realized)

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