YTP EP05: Our 12 Month American Road Trip And Why We Returned To Raleigh

getting a green card and us road trip

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Show Notes

The final episode in our travel story series for our travel podcast.

This is the episode where we discover how we can finally return to the US. The 14 year dream realized in the most unexpected way. We truly came full circle.

We share our travel experiences for the past few years as we continue to travel as a family taking shorter road trips and vacations and our extended 12 month RV road trip across America.

We discuss:

  • How we managed to get an Immigration O1 visa for the US
  • How we achieved a 14 year dream – a US green card
  • Why we share our travel stories
  • Our move back to the US with a stopover in Hawaii (highlights included)
  • How we pivoted twice when we realized our travel style was not working
  • The various destinations we visited on the East Coast on Short trips
  • How we explored Western USA and why
  • Finally – a life in Raleigh – some insight into how that looks
  • Current exciting projects Rona has gifted us with time to work on
  • Why it’s hard for us to take a “vacation”
  • What the future of travel looks like for us
  • The travel trail we’ll follow to connected to Caroline’s latest obsession
  • How we keep travel alive when we can’t travel (35 mins – cut)

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