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We live our life according to our values: freedom, adventure, growth, joy, connection and contribution. That brings us happiness and fulfillment no matter where our suitcases may be.

Travel does not have to stop once you have kids. We made it our priority despite everyone telling us our travels were over.

13 years later, our girls have lived in two countries, traveled to close to 10 countries, and traveled Australia and the US in-depth.

We homeschool AND run our profession and full time travel blog together. It’s given us a rich and fulfilling life where we prioritize moments and memories together over possessions.

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Travel with kids needn’t be a hassle. In fact, it can be one of the best experiences you have as a family.

The key ingredients to a smooth family vacation when traveling with kids are to pay attention to their needs, and find the right balance between rest time and activities..

Bored and overtired children become cranky and frustrated kids in a hurry.

Whilst our style of travel has evolved throughout the years from being solo travelers, to a couple, and now a family travel, there are some core travel habits that have served us well, and we continue to follow them to this day.

Here's where you'll find some of our best family travel tips including making family travel affordable, surviving a road trip with kids, making hikes with kids a fun reality, and not losing your sanity while flying with children and many more!



Do you want to travel more with your kids but are unsure how to balance it with school?

Are you thinking of homeschooling your child?

Or perhaps unschooling, worldschooling or roadschooling where you pretty much let travel and life take care of your child's learning?

Imagine the freedom that comes with that - more time for authentic family connections and lifelong memories.

Here's how and why I (Caz) can help you:

  • 15 years teaching in 5 different countries
  • 22 years of global travel (It has been my greatest tool for growth and empowerment i.e. the goals of education)
  • 7 years of homeschooling my own children (now 15 and 11)
  • Balancing roadschooling with a full time travel lifestyle and online business. We know how to balance and make it work among the chaos.

Here are our top posts on homeschooling and travel

My travelling opportunities have seemed few and far between. School terms, young kids, lack of money, my geographical location and my husband's limited annual leave have always been my road blocks. However, after reading through just about every single blog article that you've written, I began to adjust my thinking to
"why can't we?"
It's quite amazing how this simple shift in thinking has manifested in further opportunities for travel. Within the space of two months, I've gone from having no travel plans to 7 trips over the next 10 months!



Travel planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Use these 15 steps to plan your trip and take the stress out of booking your next vacation.

We love to choose destinations that are filled with outdoor adventure, natural beauty, and cultural celebration.

Our family travel experiences so far have mostly been with young children so we focused on easy road trip destinations.

As we travel full time AND work online, we have chosen ease and comfort over extreme adventure + we love to travel SLOW and explore a region IN-DEPTH.

Most of our family destination articles (so far) are from our travels around Australia (3+ years) the USA (3+ years) and smaller trips to South East Asia. 

Follow us on Instagram and YouTube as we start traveling further abroad - we see you Europe and Central America.


the worst age to travel with kids

When I fell pregnant with our eldest, Kalyra, I was stunned by how many people took great delight in telling me our travels were now over.

Why does that have to be true?

It doesn't and we set out to successfully prove them wrong.

That's great news for you because we've been traveling with our two girls (now 13 & 9) since they were born- full time since 2013.

Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams aren't possible. They may rob you of cherished memories and unbelievable opportunities.

We've collected a lot of insights for each stage of family travel, which we share below!


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There are a lot of options when looking for the best family travel resources. It can give you a major headache doing all the research.

Some days you’re lucky to have a shower (or bath the kids).

You’ve got better things to do, like spend time with your kids and travel more.

That’s why you’re connected to us – we do the research for you and let you know what we think is the best from that.

Let us know in the comments what else you need help with!


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Yep. There are a lot of reasons you won’t consider family travel or quit after your first trip!

It's definitely not like how travel used to be when it was just you or you and your partner.

But don't worry, you can make it work and overcome those hurdles. It's so worth it that you do!

If you are prepared for the potential problems, and you plan correctly, the rewards of traveling with your kids far outweigh the negatives.



Travel has been the focus of our life since 1997 - intentionally.

We don't plan on stopping that. We now have a base in Raleigh, NC - after being granted a Green Card for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging.

We will continue to explore more of the US but also intend on traveling further abroad - Europe, South East Asia and Central and South America.

We can't wait to share more of our favorites as we experience them.

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