Are you craving a life of freedom, adventure and fulfilment and looking for a way to financially sustain that?

Whether it’s with a travel blog, or another location independent business idea, we have a wealth of insights on the entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve been successfully travel blogging for over 10 years WHILE traveling with kids and homeschooling full time.

Our blog earns us a full time income, allows us to travel wherever and whenever we want, and has even granted us a green card – an almost impossible thing to get.

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So you want to be a travel blogger? Or continue to grow the one you have, and perhaps turn it into a business.

You are in the right place. We have done that for 10 years now.

Guess what? We had no idea what we were doing in the beginning (and truth telling time - we often feel like we still don't!)

We've learned a lot and are continuing to learn as we grow and evolve.

Here are some of our best tips. Stay connected to us - best join our email community. As this is a business that is continually changing.


There is a different mindset required when it comes to building a business.

It's different to writing a blog just for fun or creative expression.

It involves sacrifice, commitment, prioritization, clear strategies and goals, investment of resources, application of systems to create leverage and scale, and most importantly, a winning mindset.

An entrepreneur journey is one that has many ups and downs. That is why it’s important you NEVER stop growing and learning. Finding ways to reinvent the wheel is essential.


When we started travel blogging in 2010, we had no idea what we were doing, nor where it could go.

We just saw potential, possibility and our passion for sharing our personal travel tips and stories!

After years of searching for ways to create our own business so we could continue to travel and have control over our choices, we eventually discovered travel blogging and knew we had found the ONE.

Step by step, day by day, we got to work on building our site, our content, and our audience.

Slowly, our travel blog grew and bought us a life and opportunities that went way beyond our dreaming.

We've partnered with many of the top tourism brands and boards in the world - almost all of our dream client list we made right back in the beginning (2010).

We've received entrepreneurial awards, were invited to attend a summit at the White House as a top digital travel influencer, and were granted a green card for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging, which now allows us to live in our soul home, Raleigh. NC.

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I admire the role model you are for all female entrepreneurs who would rather make connections than have nameless, faceless followers.  
I enjoy and learn something from everything you put out, and the snippets of your personal life that you share, as you make it clear that women CAN have family, love and freedom while earning the lifestyle they desire.

y Travel Reader


There comes a time in your business where using the free tools and services won’t give you the leverage you need to grow your business.

Investing in your online business. It’s what allows you to scale and grow your income.

But how do you know what to invest in?

It’s difficult to decide where to put your money and what you can trust in. You want to look for maximum leverage. What will give you more time to use your true gifts and talents to grow your income?

What can automate simple tasks for you? Where can you outsource to free up more of your time and bring on someone more skilled in a certain task and better able to scale for you?

Here are a few useful tools and services that help keep our business running efficiently and smoothly.


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Our travel blog has taken us on an 18 month road trip around Australia, to several countries in South East Asia, Europe and the USA, where we now live. We travel often on short trips and did a 12 month RV trip across the country.

Here are just a few of the wonderful partners we have had over the years.

y travel blog tourism partners
y travel blog brand partners


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Travel has been the focus of our life since 1997 - intentionally.

We don't plan on stopping that. We now have a base in Raleigh, NC - after being granted a Green Card for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging.

We will continue to explore more of the US but also intend on traveling further abroad - Europe, South East Asia and Central and South America.

We can't wait to share more of our favorites as we experience them. Connect with us on social for live udpates and fill out the form below to join our free VIP email community and grab free resources!


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